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Boiler Service

industrial boilers

Boiler Service

Accumulated ash and slag deposits can significantly impede your boiler’s performance. A clean boiler operates more efficiently, resulting in cost savings over time. Regular maintenance and cleaning are crucial to ensure optimal functionality and longevity of your heating system, especially before the onset of colder weather. From regularly scheduled boiler maintenance to boiler repair or boiler replacement, expect quality work every time you work with us. As winter approaches, it’s crucial to prioritize boiler maintenance to guarantee your heating system operates at peak efficiency when you need it the most. Our expert team specializes in thorough cleaning and maintenance, ensuring your boiler remains in top condition for peak performance and a reduced carbon footprint. Don’t let accumulated ash and slag deposits hinder your boiler’s efficiency – schedule a hot water service today and enjoy cost savings in the long run. Trust us for all your boiler service needs, from routine maintenance and prevention of future breakdowns to repair or replacement of your boiler system.

Boiler Services with Canadian Power Vac

Canadian Power Vac offers professional services to clean and maintain boilers designed for commercial and industrial applications. By entrusting your heating equipment to our experienced team, you can rest assured that your system will be thoroughly cleaned and prepared for peak performance when needed. Don’t let built-up debris compromise your boiler’s efficiency!

industrial boilers

What is NADCA?

(NADCA) is the global trade association representing the HVAC inspection, cleaning, and restoration industry. As a member, NADCA supports Canadian Power Vac through standards, education, certification, marketing, and advocacy to promote the highest quality and ethical standards.

Our Service Guarantee

With over 12 years of experience cleaning commercial HVAC Systems, Canadian Power Vac should be your first choice in air quality service providers. We have one of the strongest industry guarantees. If you are not 100% satisfied, we will quickly take the following steps:

  • RE-CLEAN any areas to your satisfaction.
  • REFUND what you paid for our service if you are unsatisfied after our re-clean.
  • REPAIR any damage caused by our work at our expense.

We provide comprehensive before and after photographs of all its jobs, a Certificate of Completion and a full report.


  • First Aid
  • Fall arrest
  • Aerial work platform
  • Confined Space
  • CSTS
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How often should boilers be serviced to ensure optimal performance?

Boilers should be serviced annually to ensure optimal performance. Regular maintenance helps prevent breakdowns, ensures efficiency, and prolongs the boiler’s lifespan. It also provides safety by detecting potential issues early on, saving you from costly repairs in the long run.

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